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  • Sophia Cayer

Self-Talk Matters - Let's Improve It!

Updated: May 23, 2020

Because self-talk is natural and automatic, most don’t give it the consideration it deserves.

You may think nothing of negative self-talk or thoughts fleeting through your mind - or perhaps because you are dealing with an overload of stress and/or anxiety, you can’t imagine anything different.

Whether dealing with the former or the latter, you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference you experience when EFT is employed with patience and persistence.

Yes, it may be more challenging for those in the latter category, so for those and anyone who might be saying “I can’t!” (even if you in the former category), here are few things to ponder:

1. Is it because of self-doubt?

2. Might it be self-sabotage?

3. It is too hard and it will take too much time!

4. “I can’t because (fill in the blank).”

5. Are you dealing with Chronic or Persistent Anxiety?

I implore you, even if your not overly fond of yourself or life right now, please remain open to the possibility that you deserve the benefits you will reap from doing the work! OK, back to things to ponder.

No matter what it is that makes you feel, think or believe “I can’t!”, get busy tapping! There’s a good chance you’ll overcome or at least get the process of overcoming the issue off to a good start. Besides, EFT always does you good, so it is time well invested.

If you can’t seem to get past your “I can’t!”, please contact an EFT professional, don’t give up on yourself or throw in the towel!

Know what’s funny about the “I can’t!” here? Working through it will help you get started with improving self-talk and thought patterns.

Now back to the importance of self-talk. Each of us requires a support system, and while our subconscious mind can and should be our greatest ally, most of haven’t harnessed its power, or don’t have the best working relationship with it. It is definitely something to consider, since your subconscious and/or unconscious mind takes in both thoughts and words as instruction or direction. As Dr. Larry Nims reminds us: “Your subconscious mind is your good and faithful servant.” What instruction or directions are you feeding it?

Think about that for a moment.

So where do we begin? Self-awareness and mindfulness are the keys. Some say all you need do, is consciously change negatives thoughts and words to positive and problem solved. For a few that may work, but most find that hasn’t proven to be the case. When we make the effort to stop ourselves at the first notice of negative self-talk or thought and jot it down, we can begin to formulate positive reframes. Reframes are the complete answer, as was stated a couple of sentences ago, but they certainly don’t hurt and with persistence can help the overall process. AND because there is always a reason the negative pops up, it gives us an exploratory starting point that will lead us to the underlying cause(s), when they are instantly apparent.

Still can’t figure it out? Tap and ask your subconscious for the answer!

Using EFT on those issues, addressing each aspect, will begin to make a difference. As you tap on them, be sure to include a thank you to your sub-conscious/unconscious mind for working with you.

If this sounds or feels daunting, like an overwhelming project, keep in mind each of us is a constant work in progress! Take it a little at a time, as it feels right to you. The notes you make will be happy to wait you! And by all means, if it feels like too much, consult an experienced EFT Professional. As someone once told me “Don’t go upstairs unsupervised!” Guidance can help you muster the courage you have, but may currently be hidden beneath the negativity!

Devoting time and energy to this process will help improve life and the way you view it and yourself.

Thanks for sharing your comments and questions. They are always appreciated. And if there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about, that too would be welcomed! Here for you……


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