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Even as a seasoned EFT Practitioner, it is possible to end up with temporary results. The reasons will vary with each situation. This means that perhaps the most important thing to remember is that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a process and not a race. Remember that each situation is unique unto itself just as we are individuals, and as individuals we are quite complex creatures.


While EFT is highly effective, the unfortunate truth is that too many "One Minute Miracle" stories have been so widely publicized, too many expect immediate and/or permanent relief. Truly, while the "Miracles" do happen, when we hold that belief and expectation, it is sure to lead to disappointment. And for some it has meant them walking away from EFT altogether. Others are left devastated, believing it simply won't work for them and that perhaps they are indeed defective or that their issues are irresolvable. Take heart and know that this is simply not the case. Patience, thoroughness and persistence can offer great rewards!


Also keep in mind that EFT is more of an art than a science. While the technique itself is simple, it offers us the chance to learn in every situation, every time we apply it. With an open, creative mind we can constantly gain a deeper understanding of its versatility. Possible applications are limited only by our imagination and ability to tune in with the individual and trust our intuition. Through us and not by us, which speaks to keeping an open mind with no agenda or attachment to outcome. Fine tune your skills and choose to be a virtuoso!

In less complex situations, sometimes when a little detective work and a fresh approach are coupled with persistence, the results can be pleasantly surprising, as well as long lasting. However, far more situations are complex than simple and require more skill, curiosity, patience and persistence to see us through.


Temporary results don't mean EFT isn't working, instead it means something more requires our attention. Let's explore a few of the possibilities that could be connected to results being "so temporary".


What would change if you did achieve long lasting or permanent results? Sometimes the fear of change or how our identity could be impacted will result in the return of the issue or some of its aspects. Give this serious thought recognizing that the culprit could be related to a limiting belief or role taken on to "fit in" with family, peers or other circumstances. Who would you be? Who might not be happy with the change in you? What would it really feel like?


Have you addressed each emotion and physical aspect? And have you addressed all emotional components tied to physical challenges? Be sure you are "sweeping out the corners" by reviewing the related aspects to see if perhaps you have overlooked an aspect or two. Carefully explore and consider every possible aspect that could be related.


Dissociation is another possibility. We all experience it. In its mildest form it as simple as daydreaming. What it really equates to is disconnecting on some level. The bottom line is that the protector part of you may be walling off underlying aspects in an effort to keep you from re-experiencing previous discomfort. As a result, while you may feel you have successfully cleared an issue, instead what may have happened is you managed instead to disconnect from the emotional and/or physical charge. When this happens of course our results will only last until we are triggered either by internal or external circumstances, or the subconscious program that has been running again takes over. If you believe there is even a possibility that this could be the case, please consult a qualified practitioner for assistance.


Core issues? In my experience, the presenting issue is rarely the true obstacle. Getting to core issues is essential to lasting success. As an example, let's say you find yourself habitually late. You tap like crazy and find yourself doing better briefly, but slide right back into constantly where you were. Know that underlying issues, more than likely one or more core issues, are involved.


Too global? While tapping globally on an issue can yield results, you've got it, the results end up being temporary. Be as specific as humanly possible. If you are angry, who are you angry with or what are you angry about? Tie in the specifics as they relate to words or actions?

Are you tapping enough? And what is the issue? Let's use chronic pain as an example. While we may tap on physical discomfort and have it leave, if we aren't dealing with the emotion attached, our results can be temporary. We can continue to "manage it", or we can go after the feelings attached. Who or what is attached? How do you feel about having the pain? Are you angry, discouraged or frustrated that it seems to be a constant? And many times we aren't persistent enough. I once had someone call me because it "wasn't working". When I inquired as to how they were tapping on the pain, they had addressed the pain and informed me they had done the basic recipe twice! Be persistent and listen, listen, listen for clues and the thoughts that come to mind. If they weren't relevant, they wouldn't be coming to mind.


How might the challenge be serving you? Does it allow you to separate yourself from social or other situations that you are on some level not particularly thrilled about being involved with? Again it is time for connecting the dots and following the trail to determine the underlying factors.


Have you considered all the senses involved? Recall what you experienced with each of your senses. What did you see, hear, smell, touch or taste that could be somehow related? When it comes to touch - it could be what we touched or who or what touched us. Our sensory memories are a powerful thing and so important to address. Keep in mind that everything we experience is stored on a cellular level somewhere in our bodies. It all needs to be addressed.


Negative feedback or limiting beliefs? This can be conscious or on a subconscious level. Is there a program running that has you convinced you can't get beyond this? Are you constantly plagued with negative thoughts? Remember that your subconscious takes everything you think and say as instruction or direction. It stands to reason this could derail your progress.


Old programs or patterning? Consider life patterns that seem to repeat. Follow the trail to the source and go with the flow to catch every contributing factor that could be standing in your way.


Written by:
Sophia Cayer EFT Founding Master
AAMET Trainer of Trainers

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