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A Workshop To Address The Specific Needs Of Veterans And Their Loved Ones

While the challenges faced by Veterans, family members and their loved ones will be our focus, what you learn will apply for a most with Post-Traumatic Stress issues. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding, help yourself and those who deserve enhanced quality assistance with these issues.


EFT Practitioners, Health Care Professionals, Mental Health Specialist, Energy Practitioners, First Responders, Veterans and their family members. Anyone with an understanding of EFT basics with a desire to learn more. 
This is an interactive workshop that includes demos and practice, with time for Q & A, and a workbook.


  • Developing Trust and Rapport

  • Understanding the difficulties of reaching out for help

  • Developing relationships that can last through recovery

  • Overcoming Traumatic Memories

  • Relieving the pain of memories

  • Eliminating related limiting beliefs and the impacts

  • Reintegration Issues

  • Handling related emotional issues

  • Feelings of rejection or abandonment

  • Building confidence

  • Secondary Trauma

  • Issues faced by spouses and significant others

  • Challenges of offspring

  • Communication Obstacles

  • Overcoming conflict

  • Generating peace and understanding

  • General Coping Skills

  • Managing anxiety

  • Diffusing anger

  • Strategies for daily life

  • Tapping as a couple or family unit

  • Building Emotional Resilience

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