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Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Sophia is dedicated to helping you realize your goals and enjoy life to the fullest.

For fees and payment options,  click here.

Questions regarding services or fees, please email or call: 941.376.1874.


Complimentary Exploratory Discussions:

Your comfort level is essential to success, always a priority.

Why not take this first step now?

Schedule a time to chat by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Your questions and concerns will be addressed, giving you the chance to review your challenges and goals.  While these calls are typically limited to 15 minutes, when the need exist and time allows, Sophia is happy to extend the time.


Call 941.376.1874  or email: to schedule a time. 

Please provide your time zone, and best days, time of day to contact you.

What are you waiting for?  Isn’t now the perfect time to reach out?

Office Hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00A - 6:00P Eastern  Saturday: 9:00A - 12:00P

Appointments times:

If you require sessions beyond "Office Hours", know that while it may not be possible to honor all requests, best efforts are made to accommodate your needs.


Private Sessions: In Person, Phone, Skype or Zoom.

While you are welcome to visit in person, the majority of clients prefer sessions from the comfort of their homes. The effectiveness of working remotely is just as powerful as working in person.


Clients continue to enjoy great success working this way, as they have many years. So relax, put your feet up, save the wear and tear on yourself and your vehicle, along with the time and expense of travel.


Not familiar with Skype? It is a wonderful FREE download available through the internet that will allow us to see each other as we work. It does require that your computer either has a built in camera or has an external camera.


Hydration will ensure your greatest success. Please consider drinking water prior to your session and have a glass handy for your session! It will enhance results!


Have paper & pen handy. While a recording can usually be made available for you, making your own notes as we go is a great idea to assist you with making progress on your own between sessions.​


Sessions include:

  • Limited email and phone support between sessions.

  • CONFIDENTIAL Digital audio recording of session


30 Minute Sessions


60 Minute Sessions


90 Minute Sessions


* 15 Minute Emergency Consult

fees payment options

Cancellation Policy

Appointment times are valuable and irreplaceable.
If you need to cancel or reschedule a session please let me know no less than 24 Hours ahead of time to avoid being billed.
*Emergency (Or Same Day) Consults:
​​For Existing Clients Or Special Exceptions Only

While best efforts will always be made to accommodate your needs, it is not always possible. Thank you for understanding. Fees for these consults are $60 per quarter hour. If possible, you will be served right away. However, time may be required to rearrange existing schedules.
Payment is due prior to your session and can be made with cash, check, debit / credit card.
 If you are paying by check, please be sure to mail your check  early enough to ensure its arrival prior to session(s).  For details call or
If you schedule an in person session, you are welcome to bring a check or cash.  In the interest of time credit or debit card payments must be made prior to your arrival.
Thank you.

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