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Perhaps you are struggling and feel EFT doesn’t work, it’s a wonderful

reason to give it a try.  Many times it’s simply the approach.


Sometimes there’s simply a need to go a little deeper.  An intuitive look can bring to light many things that you may not have considered. Seeing things from a different perspective can make a world of difference.


You may even find that things you felt were resolved actually are still in your sub-conscious mind.   


Everyone wants to experience an EFT One Minute Wonder. Do they happen? Yes, and they happen frequently. However, please understand that these things don't happen all the time. More times than not, our issues are complex or multilayered enough that a little more time and persistence is required. If you don 't happen to be one of the fortunate ones who experiences a One Minute Wonder, don't think that EFT isn't working or might not work for you.


In my humble opinion, EFT is the very best tool anyone can have to work with. However, it needs to be properly applied and not viewed as the silver bullet that will instantly eliminate all your challenges in a matter of moments with little or no effort on your part.


Chances are, when you turned to EFT, like many folks, you had tried about everything in the book, and possibly you viewed this as a last resort effort. Actually, I receive a lot of emails that say exactly that. I don 't know what else to do &. Nothing else has worked & There is no where left to turn & If this doesn't work and so on. So, how long have you been dealing with your challenges and trying various things? While EFT is a most amazing tool, it can require patience and persistence. Give it time and be gentle with yourself. Consider all the aspects and angles, and if you still aren 't receiving results, consider a few more. Some of us just have more to sift through, or layers of the onion than others. And sometimes, we simply need to work with someone who can help us get to the core issues, because we simply can 't see the forest for the trees.


Here's hoping that each and everyone who reads this is fortunate enough to experience a One Minute Wonder. To those of you who don 't, hang in there and know that EFT can still pay off, many times in a fairly short period of time. Hang in there!


Here 's a One Minute Wonder you might enjoy:


(actually it took an HOUR)


A lady in her mid to late forties who was suffering with TMJ decided to give EFT a try, because she had no desire to deal with surgery or the other options offered to her. When I asked her to share her first memory of TMJ, without hesitating for a second, she blurted out I was three (3) and half years old. Well, I figured I had my work cut out for me. Before the end of her first session, she was symptom free. This was a joyful moment for both of us! We scheduled the next appointment for a week later, to be on the safe side and see what might present itself. She called to delay her appointment because she was feeling so great, and was still symptom free. I called her a few days later to check up on her. She laughed, and informed me she had a new challenge. Her difficulty was that she didn 't know what to do with her jaw. It was so relaxed that she was still adjusting to the idea. She happily reported that no symptoms had returned.



Your personal goals have a lot to do with this, as do the issues you are dealing with. This is one of the reasons I always ask what your goals are before we begin working together. Some folks manage to move through things more rapidly than others. A lot depends upon the complexity of the issues, as well as the number of events and issues you may have to work through. How much do you want to accomplish? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. We need to assess the situation and take it one session at a time. Another important factor is how dedicated you are to doing your homework and accomplishing your goals. Rest assured that I work to help you feel independent, and not dependent on me. Most folks feel pretty confident after a few sessions, to work through a great deal on their own. At that point, they only schedule sessions with me when they feel stuck, or just feel the need for some assistance in working through a difficult issue.

The most important thing to remember is that EFT is more effective and works faster than traditional therapies.



There are a multitude of reasons why it might not be working. They can range from things as simple as not drinking enough water (I suggest drinking water between rounds) to reversals, coping and survival strategies, not being specific enough, core issues, shifting aspects, inadequate knowledge of EFT, energy toxins and so on. When it is not working, there is usually a very good reason.


With the assistance of an experienced practitioner, you should be able to make a determination, and more than likely you will be able to overcome the challenge.


Remember, EFT works for most folks, most of the time.


If you are new to EFT, as magnificent as it is, it is best to stick with the simple things for starters. When it gets to more complex issues, experience can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes we all need a little assistance, including me.


Another thing, please remember that although EFT is a fabulous tool, it is not going to necessarily correct challenges after doing a round or two. I have actually had folks write to me saying I downloaded the manual, I tapped a couple of times and nothing changed!!! I like to quote one of my clients who says: l would like for it to work faster than a microwave. While EFTs results are both dramatic and deep, we can 't necessarily expect it to help us overcome major issues in a matter of a couple of minutes.

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