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I clearly remember when the idea of a vibrant life seemed impossible. 

I understand what it feels like to dig deep inside for enough courage and strength to reach out when facing each day feels like an effort. Consider this: If somewhere inside that courage didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be reading this.


It is impossible for anyone to know or understand exactly the way you feel, but I will share with you that the reason I am devoted to this work, is because EFT helped me overcome what felt like insurmountable odds. I couldn’t imagine feeling good about the future or myself.  I found myself filled with self-doubt, low-self esteem and lots of limiting beliefs. The lifelong string of traumas and unexpected life altering events that had never been dealt with caught up with me.  In a frighteningly dark place, lost in anxiety and a myriad of crippling emotions. I had no idea where or how to even begin.


In a desperate search for answers, I stumble across EFT.  I’ll never forget how strange it felt trying it for the first time. I couldn’t believe I was even doing it! 


It didn’t happen overnight, but the incredible results enjoyed led me to become a passionately dedicated EFT coach/teacher beginning in 2000.


Self-empowerment is one of greatest gifts EFT has to offer.  From the beginning, you begin to understand its versatility and the ways you can apply it for self-regulation and speed your progress between sessions tapping on your own.


What is it that keeps you from living a vibrant life?  Be it trauma, social anxiety, grief, relationship issues, or life itself that seem overwhelming, know you possess the ability to generate change.  


Whether physical or emotional, with adequate patience and persistence, chances are EFT will help you, more than you may imagine. 


Even if you are uncertain as to contributing factors, or are dealing with blocked memories, know that EFT can still help you achieve your goals.


The process will help you gain the self-confidence and strength to comfortably enjoy and appreciate your true essence. Perhaps, for the first time ever, you could find yourself owning your true power. 


Take advantage of your free 15 minute Exploratory Discussion, and schedule it today.

Call: 941.376.1874 or email:


Go ahead! You can do it! 


May you choose to own your power and enjoy peace within,


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