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As you are gently guided through the steps, this relatively simple technique can help you connect with specific points in the time line to resolve issues by taking you back in the TimeLine, resolving them.  It can also help you with clearing the way forward and setting the stage

Emotional Memory

The game of human is a unique blend of our true essence (or Spirit) and the physical.


The physical is everything that is needed to support and grow the physical body.


Your True Essence is who you really are and is the underlying point of perception that as humans, is our inner knowing. 


As the two dance together there is then an area in the middle, which is a blend of both.  That is your Emotional Self.


The Emotional Self has a memory and is constantly trying to recreate memories.  Without guidance, the emotional self will automatically guide the True Essence to deal with any unresolved situations. Most of the time it encourages the human to deal with unresolved issues by putting them in your face.


Very few know how to consciously guide their emotional selves.


When this happens often, over periods of time, the emotional self goes into the survival mode and covers over the problem rather than resolve it.


It is these hidden, unresolved emotions that are at the heart of many emotional and health issues.


When there is a strong division of the two with very little overlap, these conditions are a disconnect that often leads to the Human conditions of depression and or anxiety.

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