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EFTi Approved

For a transformative experience, begin your personal and/or professional journey with this two (2) day comprehensive live training.  Whether you choose to learn these phenomenal techniques purely for self-clearing and personal growth, or you'd like to become an EFT Practitioner, this course will serve you well. You will walk away with a profoundly effective tool that will help you help yourself and those you choose to share it with for a lifetime.


  • The chance to experience and develop the "Art of Delivery", as you enhance your skills and         gain the confidence required to become a competent Practitioner

  • An understanding and appreciation of non EFT areas and skill to amplify your work EFT 

A few specifics we will cover:

  • Basic safety for self and client

  • Building your rapport skills

  • Calibration skills

  • Trusting and building your Intuition

  • Additional tapping points and tapping techniques

  • Introduction to working with trauma

  • How to Avoid and work with abreactions, recognize and work with dissociative states and more

  • Finding core issues - questioning techniques

  • Identifying eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Reframing concepts and techniques

  • Additional testing techniques

  • EFT via the telephone/computer

  • Delivering EFT to groups and more on borrowing benefits

  • Practitioner self-care and self-clearing, helping you thrive and avoid burnout

  • EFT practice issues - Legal implications for EFT practice

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