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erceived as an enigma by most, and described in countless ways by various people through the centuries, Intuition is indeed a 'sixth sense' that we all possess. Just like the sense of smell or sight, it offers information. It is a resource that when honed and trusted can be an endless source of knowledge and our very own personal life coach and assistant.


We all experience or receive the information it has to offer in different ways. In addition to a clear sense of 'knowing', frequently without understanding the source of the knowledge, we may experience physical sensations or emotions. And while we may not recognize it, we actually utilize it everyday. The feelings, thoughts and ideas we experience that seem to come from nowhere, are truly your Intuition at work. Pay attention and begin to offer your Intuition credit and gratitude for all it offers you. Doing so will allow the flow of information to come to you more readily. View it as developing a friendship!


When used in conjunction with logic, intuition can be an amazing tool for creativity and personal growth. Consider what you might like to create or change in your life, that you may feel you have no idea how to approach, or begin to manifest. If we can accept the concept that our intuition is an integral part of us, and focus our attention on a specific desire, by patiently employing our intuition, we should find ourselves being pleasantly surprised with what springs to mind.


To begin, tune in with the image and feeling of what it is you desire. Create a time and place that will allow you to be focused and centered - perhaps in a meditative state. Now, allow yourself to completely quiet your mind and listen, trusting that when we ask we shall receive. It may require a little time to get comfortable with all this, so please be kind, patient and gentle with yourself. View this development of friendship as a process and not an event. Each piece of the puzzle may need to be considered separately, over a period of hours, days or even weeks.


Because of the hectic lives that most of us lead and the stressful situations we may face, the process of even quieting our minds enough to listen may require time and practice. However I believe you will find the rewards worth the effort. The more you tune in and trust this endless source of information, the more it will deliver. A key factor is to agree with yourself that you are willing to set logic aside and allow the answers to come.


Sophia Cayer, EFT Master - Honors Cert

Co-Founder of Personal Peace Foundation

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