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Ever hear anyone frustrated because at the same time of year (or month), just like clockwork they end up in an emotional funk or are visited with a malady? There seems to be no rhyme or reason; and they have run out of emotional clues and trails to pursue. 


Is there really an answer?


There's always an answer.  Patience and persistence will be required. Summon it up and don't throw in the towel, even if you feel the need to take a little break from the adventure of the detective work once in a while.


Won't guarantee that this will work. But when it seems there is no answer, here's something that has produced astonishing results.   


Why Does This Keep Happening?


Frequently encountered are anniversary dates of significant events.  It may even be an event that's been tapped on extensively.  We have to keep in mind that our bodies remember and could still be reacting and responding to!


Conversely, our subconscious minds (or that "protector part" of us) believe they are working in our best interest and may have something locked away so we aren't bringing it to mind. When we give it some thought we tend to have one of those "Oh yeah, now I remember!" moments.


So consider these trails:  


1. If the date that coincides is one that has been tapped on in the past, try tapping beginning with "Even though my body is remembering..."  That alone could break the cycle, while bringing some immediate relief to what is being experienced.  Additional pieces the heretofore thought of as resolved might reveal themselves as well.  Tap away!  


2. If the date seems to have no significance, give it serious thought.  It is astounding how frequently we seem to conveniently stuff or store things away unaware of their impact.  Take the time to honestly think about it. There is a chance you will be surprised at how something offhandedly dismissed is still distressing the energy system.  Perhaps it was something you heard about someone else and didn't experience personally.  Or was there a natural disaster or something in the news? Give yourself permission to take the time to explore the possibilities.  

You can tap to bring the information you need to the surface. And then, no matter what, tap, tap, tap!


May you be pleasantly surprised and relieved.


Wishing you the greatest success....


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