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Persistent tapping brings big EFT success in 4 months

Hi Everyone,


"Sophia Cayer provides us with persuasive evidence regarding the skillful and persistent use of EFT for serious physical issues. Her client, "Harry," was both disabled and suicidal prior to doing EFT. After 4 months, however, he is working at a full time job and is symptom free. Nonetheless, his tapping routine is maintained to help assure his continued good health. Many thanks to Sophia for her persistence and artistry here. I think you will find her detailed account (including some of the language used) most helpful.

Follow-up, including set backs, shake-ups and renewed spirit!: Harry had some relapses after this article and the above intro were written. This is within reason for very complicated cases. The complete follow-up is given below this article and points to the benefits of skillful and persistent use of EFT in difficult cases. Not everything with EFT is a one-minute wonder. However, the benefits that were achieved in this case are difficult, or impossible, to attain by other methods. As Sophia says, "The moral of the story is: Keep the faith! Don't despair when symptoms return, be they emotional or physical. The road to recovery can have its bumps, but with persistence we can overcome. When progress seems slow or things seem to be going backwards, forge on. It is simply part of the process." 

Gary Craig

Dear Gary,

You asked for a persistent tapper and "by Jove I think we've got it!"

Persistence in this case has really paid off. Harry (not his real name) calls it his "new way of life", and tells folks that they need to look at it like brushing their teeth or eating." Just do it with the same regularity that you do those things, or even more frequently!"

We began working together intensely about 4 months ago. We continue to spend a couple of hours a week together in session, and he taps no less than three or four times a day. When he grows tired of tapping, he uses the touch and breathe technique or imagines tapping in his mind. 

A brief background: At the age of 10, he fell 25' down a hay shoot onto a concrete pad, landing on his tail bone. Multiple accidents over the years added to the challenges and pain. He has been through 16 major operations, for his back, neck, and even cancer. He has so much metal in his body that he sets off radar detectors. In addition to suffering multiple major emotional traumas, several years ago he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 

As the result of all this, over the years, Harry says he has taken just about every prescription drug on the market for pain, (including morphine) and even became addicted to some. The addictions were severe enough that he was forced to enter treatment centers. On occasion he could walk from his home to the mailbox and back without crutches. He couldn't ride in a vehicle for more than 10 miles without excruciating pain and discomfort. 

He is now off all pain meds. All Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, arthritis and scar tissue pain have vanished, and pain is rarely an issue. When we began, his pain levels, on a 0-10 scale) were generally between 8 and 9 on a daily basis. 

An interesting point to make is that as a result of the work we have been doing together, if he begins to experience pain, he now sees a direct connection to someone in his life creating a disruption or aggravation. He immediately taps on the situation and the pain. He affectionately refers to his "ah ha" point, as his "ha ha" point, because it works so quickly for him he gets a giggle out of it! 

Harry attended a workshop I did last year wherein he experienced a great deal of relief from his pain. Unfortunately, after a few emails and phone calls, he ceased communication and stopped tapping. This, after going through a subsequent operation, having less difficulty with anesthesia and recovering more quickly than he said he had ever experienced. 

I took it upon myself to reconnect one way or the other. (Must be the Sagittarian in me!) The night before I called, he and his wife had prayed together because all hope was gone. He was ready to try suicide, once again. He didn't share this with me until we had worked together for a few weeks. 

During our first few sessions, he was amazed to see his pain levels drop when we were only addressing the emotional issues and traumatic events. There were tons of them, many of which he was sure he had cleared or had "gotten over" years ago. There were many issues dealing with anger, guilt, and the need to forgive himself and others. We found that adding "forgiveness" to segments of the work we were doing was bringing such rapid improvement, we began adding it into EVERYTHING. Another frequent addition was "without judgment". 

Some of the language/issues:

Even though I am sad and angry because I can't play with my grandchildren.....

Even though I feel I should be able to do better for my wife. This is unfair to her and she deserves better....

Even though I feel like a failure.....

Even though I am stuck taking care of the "IB" (short for insensitive b_ _ _ _ - referring to Mom) because my siblings don't give a hoot and refuse to help......


We also addressed all the physical symptoms, diagnoses, and accompanying fears one by one. A few of the phrases we worked with:

Even though I have been diagnosed with MS, I refuse to accept this disease.....I choose to be healthy and strong.

Even though I have this pain and weakness in my legs......I choose to be pain free and strong....I am safe, I am free to be me. ("I am safe, I am free to be me." is a phrase we use quite frequently... As he gained strength, we were able to test with him doing knee bends, unassisted.) 

Even though they have told me there is no cure for MS, I bless it and let it go....I choose to be MS free...

Even though I have all this discomfort that feels like a tight headband....

Even though I am afraid everyone will think I am a fraud and a phony when I let go of my wheel chair & crutches....

Even though I fear I may not be able to survive financially if I recover......

Even though I somehow enjoy the attention my condition brings me....I'd rather be able to function fully and under my own steam...

Even though I am afraid the symptoms and pain will return.....

Even though I am not sure these treatments will hold....


There were days and times when the emotional intensity seemed almost too much for Harry, but we worked through it, with his insistence that he was ready to off load anything keeping him from healing. 

SUCCESS: Recently he assisted the Humane Society by driving 136 miles back and forth to the airport with animals, in conjunction with an emergency evacuation for a hurricane. The following day, he worked a shift that exceeded 24 hours, doing everything from building animal crates, moving crates, loading and unloading caged animals, to driving trucks. The following day, he said the only thing that "hurt a little", were his feet. His wife, 8 years his junior, decided to assist, but complained after hour 20 that she couldn't keep up with him! 

After 42 years of being in pain, he says it is like having a new life. Harry says he used to dread seeing the sun come up in the morning.... "Must I deal with yet another day?" Now, he says he looks forward to everyday! "For the first time I can remember there is a spring in my step.....Come to think of it, I don't ever remember HAVING a spring in my step!" 

A few days after confessing to me about his 24 plus hour day, he did jumping jacks for me as he was leaving our session.

THE INCREDIBLE FOLLOW-UP: After being on disability for twenty-four years, (yes, I said and meant 24 years) he is working a full time job. Not a desk job, but one that requires physical effort most of the day. He continues to tap on a daily basis, no less than 3 or 4 times a day, and we still work together a couple of hours a week. His wife is still whining that she can't keep up with him. When they get home at night she is ready to rest and relax while he is still full of energy! Yes, we are working on getting her into persistent tapping as well! 
I would encourage persistence to everyone, regardless of how hopeless a situation may seem or feel. Harry is a perfect example of what could happen if you just hang in there... 


The follow up, including set backs, shake-ups and renewed spirit!

Hi Gary,

It has been about three months since I shared the story about "Harry" and his remarkable progress. I am pleased to report that he is doing great. However, life threw him more than a few curve balls that caused some brief, but frightening and intense set backs. I feel it is important to share this information, so that hopefully those of you working through or with challenging and complex situations end up feeling encouraged. With challenging cases, sometimes set backs will occur. In spite of this, persistence pays off! 

Overjoyed by his newfound freedom, we actually had to tap on "Even though my newfound freedom has made me forget to use common sense." He found himself working to the point of exhaustion on a daily basis, trying to accomplish tasks in a day or two that would reasonably require three or four. I discovered this when I began to explore a new complaint related to "low energy". Another element that popped up was an underlying feeling: "This is too good to be true, my symptoms might return, so I best enjoy this while it lasts." Needless to say, we attacked it with great vigor! 

Since things seemed to be rolling along great, we decided to see what we might be able to do in the hearing department. Previous testing indicated 75% impairment in one ear and 80% in the other. Currently, he wears a hearing aid in each ear. The onset of this challenge took place around the age of 7 or 8. While in the care of a disgruntled older sibling, the sibling walked up behind him and popped him up both sides of his head, with the flat of his hands. This resulted in a broken eardrum. Many visits to the doctor's office were required due to ongoing infections and various other ear problems. The doctor continually emphasized the fact that things would only get worse. In addition, family members constantly reminded him: "Nerve deafness runs in the family." 

We started by making a list of all the "advantages" of deafness. The list included specific people as well as things he simply wanted to tune out. From there, we went onto the associated "whys" and related events. Another interesting component was determining how much of the challenge encompassed "listening vs. hearing". 

As the session progressed, more than once he asked me, "Are you talking louder than usual?" Soon, he was turning his hearing aids down. 

I checked in with him late in the day to see how our work was holding. When I asked how the balance of the day went, he replied"Loud!". 

In our next session "Harry" was a little frustrated because his hearing improvement seem to be inconsistent, even though every time it increased, it seemed to be at higher level. He had made so much rapid progress with his other challenges that he had little patience and wanted immediate and complete results. Yes, we tapped on that as well. 

After roughly three sessions and his working on his own between sessions, he was experiencing an appreciable difference. He said he could now "hear inside", referring to the ability to now hear his own voice. He was also beginning to feel vibrations in his face, just at the front of both ears. 

A very happy camper, working full time, still tapping daily and simply loving his "new life", situations arose that caused some symptoms to begin to return. In a week's time, he suffered the betrayal of a son, and various multiple major emotional upsets. He was on truly on the edge when he came to see me, and his hearing was the last thing he wanted to focus on. 

We worked for about two hours, and at the end of the session he was all smiles, symptom free and back to loving his "new life". Of major interest, during this session we never specifically address his physical symptoms. 

So now, everybody is happy and once again, life is good. Right? Well, not for long! 

Around the holidays I was out of town for a couple of weeks. While I was away, new disruptions and challenges popped up on both a physical and emotional level. It seemed that Murphy's Law overshadowed everything. Everyday on his way home from work the physical symptoms would intensify, worsening as the evening wore on. Much to my dismay, all this left "Harry" in such a state of despair he was actually ready to throw in the towel and go back on disability. 

So, we rolled up our sleeves and went for it. The good news is that after another intense two hour session, he informed me he felt renewed, refreshed and ready to charge forward and live life to its fullest. Not a trace of wanting to give up remained and the physical symptoms were gone. Once again, during this session we never specifically addressed the physical symptoms. 

Some side benefits have popped up as well. Without being addressed specifically, his latest eye exam revealed improved vision. He has also been able to eliminate the breathing treatments that were once required at least once a day. 

We did work specifically on his annual bout with bronchitis. Every year previous, antibiotics were required. This year, we cleared it with EFT. He says this is the first year he can remember when he hasn't been forced to take antibiotics. 

In spite of the interruptions related to working on his hearing, he feels he has already experienced a 15 to 20% improvement. Now back on track, we will see how the progress goes. 

One thing I would like to clarify here. I believe that addressing the physical symptoms has great value and benefit. I do so on a regular basis. However, when glaring emotional components are properly addressed, usually the physical symptoms will simply vanish. 

The moral of the story is: Keep the faith! Don't despair when symptoms return, be they emotional or physical. The road to recovery can have its bumps, but with persistence we can overcome. When progress seems slow or things seem to be going backwards, forge on. It is simply part of the process. 

-Sophia Cayer 

Three weeks later.... Gary - Thought you might be interested in learning that "Harry" now estimates a 30% improvement in hearing and reports that subsequent "fade backs" (or reduction in the new and improved levels) seem to be happening with less frequency. The improvements are definitely holding for longer periods of time and gradual improvement continues......Remember, we had set backs in the middle of all this! God I love this work!! 

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