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The time, energy and money required for EFTi Certification

could be one of the best investments you can make in yourself and others.

What about other EFT Certification programs out there?  Before anyone else, EFTi set the standard and has remained steady and reliable through the years. It works diligently to support its members and offers a venue to promote you as a practitioner internationally, as well as trainings you offer that meet EFTi approved criteria.


While anyone can learn and apply EFT without being Certified*, if your goal is to utilize this technique to its fullest potential, EFTi Certification deserves your serious consideration. EFTi offers the stability and support you are looking for in an organization as a professional EFT practitioner or as a professional or individual seeking to enhance and expand their existing skills. It is a worthwhile investment in yourself, your future and furthering your goals to make a positive difference.


A few of the benefits:

  • Benefit personally as you broaden your scope of practice and open up to the limitless possibilities EFT has to offer.

  • Expand your opportunities for work with organizations.

  • Feel confident in your abilities to maximize the multitude of benefits EFT can offer.

  • Assure your clients they working with a knowledgeable, well trained practitioner.

  • Learn and experience the true "Art" EFT has to offer, going far beyond the mechanics and basics.Gain the know-how to locate and clear core issues.

* Please be sure to investigate regulations with governing agencies in your area to be sure you are in compliance.


Why as a Professional? "I am already a licensed LCSW, Nurse, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Massage Therapist, or other licensed professional."


EFT blends well with any form of treatment and can enhance and power-boost what you already offer. Properly applied it allows your client the ability to take things to deeper levels, clearing issues that until now they may have believed impossible to overcome.


Wouldn't you love to see your clients/patients so pleased with the results of combined techniques that they began to refer more clients to you?


As a professional, there is no doubt your goal is to always deliver the very best you can to those you serve, so they can enjoy the highest quality of life possible. It only stands to reason that you would want to feel comfortable and confident when introducing a new technique to them.

You will find that broadening the horizons for yourself and your clients by adding this incredibly flexible tool to your practice will be more than worthwhile.


Why if I don't plan to use it professionally?


EFT is a highly effective tool when properly applied. The key is its proper application for the endless number of issues and the variation of aspects that can occur in each unique situation. Always keep in mind that while the process itself can be learned in a matter of minutes and DVDs can offer a great deal insight, there is no substitute for quality experiential training and mentoring. Going through the Certification process, many find themselves clearing issues and aspects that they weren't even aware still represented blocks and limiting beliefs in their lives. So even if learning EFT is for your personal use and perhaps to assist family and friends, having a solid understanding of its application and the possibilities it offers will help you achieve the greatest results.


And why not be equipped in the event you decide some day to take things to the next level and become a practitioner? The more you learn and experience, the more you may find yourself with a desire to take things further!


Interested in trainings, mentoring or have a question? Write to or call: 941.376.1874.

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