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Anxiety, social anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress, social phobias, abuse, fears, procrastination, career challenges, physical issues, focus, public speaking, self-esteem, self-worth, accomplishing goals, relationships, couples therapy, sleep challenges, headaches


TTR will help you take your EFT skills to an exceptional level, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned practitioner. It will give you effective and efficient ways to offer relief and hope to those with trauma issues, regardless of the depth of trauma. You will be taken through all the necessary steps to enhance and build your skills to a level that will aid you in gaining the basics of working with the many layers and core aspects of trauma.


You will learn to recognize and work with common dissociative states, understand how the body and mind are impacted by trauma, as you gain the confidence to recognize and work through the layers of trauma. Handling flashbacks and intense abreactions without traumatizing yourself or further traumatizing your client are important tools you will learn about. You will gain the wisdom to offer compassionate support and guidance in a manner that is comforts and assures their progress through the process.

It takes you through the necessary steps to restore or gain a sense of peace within, confidence and balance in their lives, as they recover from their trauma experiences. These are steps not often spoke of in detail when the initial focus has been to simply gain relief from the discomfort of trauma.


  • Phase 1 & 2 of this program are preparatory for our more advanced trainings, which deal with the specifics of sexual abuse and torture, war trauma, natural disaster, the trauma of living with trauma survivors, and more.

  • Each training course includes self-care and self-clearing, the essential elements to let us thrive and enjoy this work not burn-out.

  • Time is always allowed for discussions, questions and answers, with plenty of practice time and demonstrations included.

I wouldn't have had the confidence and skill to take on these kinds of issues without the excellent trauma and abuse training that you provided.


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