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EFTi Approved

For a transformative experience, begin your personal and/or professional journey with this two (2) day comprehensive live training.  Whether you choose to learn these phenomenal techniques purely for self-clearing and personal growth, or you'd like to become an EFT Practitioner, this course will serve you well. You will walk away with a profoundly effective tool that will help you help yourself and those you choose to share it with for a lifetime.


  • A solid understanding and foundation in EFT basics

  • The ability to use EFT for many of your own issues

  • The ability to use EFT with family and friends in a non professional capacity

A few specifics we will cover:

  • EFT's origins and background

  • The EFT Discovery Statement

  • EFT Basic Recipe and a variety of shortcuts

  • The concept and use of "Your Personal Point"

  • The use of the SUDS Scale and its value

  • An understanding of Psychological Reversal

  • The importance of being specific, utilizing patience and persistence

  • The value and benefit of hydration

  • Defining "Issues", "Aspects" and their layering

  • The generalization effect

  • How to work with excessive intensities

  • Generating Cognitive shifts

  • "Borrowing Benefits" concept

  • Learn specifics such as The Movie technique, EFT for physical issues and cravings

  • Learn the Probing Questions to ask for enhance outcomes

  • How to test results and the importance of testing

  • Mini-sessions in dyads and/or triads

  • Troubleshooting EFT - when results aren't happening

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