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EFTi Approved

For a transformative experience, begin your personal and/or professional journey with this two (2) day comprehensive live training.  Whether you choose to learn these phenomenal techniques purely for self-clearing and personal growth, or you'd like to become an EFT Practitioner, this course will serve you well. You will walk away with a profoundly effective tool that will help you help yourself and those you choose to share it with for a lifetime.


  • The opportunity to develop greater confidence and competence with the "Art of Delivery", as you learn to take EFT to greater depths. 

  • Gain additional skills with both EFT and non-EFT related expertise essential to becoming an Advanced EFTi Practitioner​​

​Some specifics we will cover in Level 3:

  • Introduction to psychological disorders and recognizing severe mental health disorders, such as psychotic symptoms ,anorexia, schizophrenia, bipolar and serious drug addiction.

  • Protective distancing techniques - for example, safety anchor, sub-modalities

  • More calibration skills - observation of eye movement, facial expressions, body posture and language

  • More on rapport - Awareness of basic behavioral programs and patterns, e.g., "away from vs. towards" Use of matching, pacing and leading to enhance rapport

  • Furthered development of intuitive skills, building trust in your intuition

  • Ongoing personal awareness - Concepts of transference, projection and outcome attachment, doubt and limiting beliefs, self-monitoring and self-supervision, reminder on mentoring requirements, recognition of areas for personal development

  • Psychological reversal - resolution of inner conflicts

  • Origins and evolution of problems

  • Introduction to working with serious disease

  • Working with parts/inner child/sub-personalities

  • The role of love and forgiveness in this work

  • More on questioning techniques

  • Advance core techniques - A variety of techniques to help take you to the next level in your practice.

  • Working with clients with sensory impairments, disabilities, or where English is not primary language

  • Using surrogate EFT - for people and animals

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