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Phase 2 incorporates all the required elements of EFTi Level 3 training.


Phase 2 is a 4 day interactive training that will help you gain a greater level self-awareness, and expand your ability to read and tune in with others. You will find yourself developing your own style, as we help you learn additional skills to build on and solidify those learned in Phase 1. Your confidence will rise as you develop and expand on your art of delivery with EFT blended with TTR.

Key Elements

  • Together we go more deeply into the essential aspects of self-care and self-clearing to allow you to be stronger, clearer and more self-confident, by helping you clear personal issues that could interfere with your work with others. You will receive personal attention.

  • Develop the art of being more present while remaining safely and compassionately disconnected.

  • Group and individual practice to fine-tune and enhance skills is emphasized, which will include you functioning on the spot as practitioner (with gentle trainer support) with a "client" (fellow student).

  • Interweaving of techniques - the art, benefits, necessity for and how to(s).

  • Reinforcing the steps for client reintegration with self and enjoying life, developing and realizing goals that felt impossible.

  • Learn to recognize severe mental health disorders, such as psychotic symptoms, anorexia, schizophrenia, bi-polar and serious drug addiction

  • Understand when, why and how to refer clients elsewhere or gracefully step away in the best interest of all.

  • More on how to thrive, enjoy this work, and experience a sense of fulfillment, no matter what.

  • Trusting and using your intuition more effectively

  • Open discussions and time for relevant questions to be answered.

Let's gently and effectively relieve trauma, restore hope and transform lives!


Sophia, your creativity and artistry with EFT was overflowing."


 As a participant, if you have an issue that you would like to work on and think you would feel comfortable working in front of the group, please send an email to:

Include your contact information and a brief description of our your issue. We will contact you personally to explore the possibilities. Please know you will be in a safe environment, so don't be shy!

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