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Phase I incorporates all the required elements of EFTi Level 1 & 2


  • Phase 1 combines the powerful tools of EFT and Transformational Trauma ReleaseTM. This unique 4-day training utilizes the latest research on trauma, the pathways through and out of trauma, as well as how to best use the valuable tool of EFT with trauma survivors.

  • TTR steps and techniques are woven in with EFT from the beginning, giving the unique opportunity to build a solid foundation with EFT and TTR simultaneously. It will help you develop the confidence you need to work comfortably, effectively and efficiently with the most common elements of trauma and related issues. If you haven't already taken a peak, please take a moment to read the TTR Overview.

  • It offers and incorporates the techniques and steps required to help regenerate (or perhaps generate for the first time) a sense of wholeness and well-being that allow survivors to enjoy their lives.

  • Take the opportunity to spend an intimate four days with Sophia Cayer, EFT Founding Master, trauma specialist, and expert trainer.

  • Seating is limited to maintain a quality experience for participants.

​Some specifics we will cover in Phase 1 Training:

  • Understanding the layers of trauma

  • Knowing how the nervous system responds to trauma, both in the original experience and after and how to help restore its proper balance

  • Knowing what is happening in intense emotional states and methods to safely diffuse them

  • Understanding what intense states can mean in the overall process, when are they progress, when are they re-traumatizing

  • Gaining the confidence to be present with clients in intense states

  • Learning the latest EFT applications and techniques

  • Knowing how and when EFT is useful when working with trauma

  • Safely enhancing the client-practitioner connection to further the process

  • Learning what internal "parts" are in trauma and how they seem to re-enact or prolong the traumatized state - how we understand and work with them

  • Avoiding Burnout - how to not only prevent it, but to thrive in this work

Let's gently and effectively relieve trauma, restore hope and transform lives!


Sophia, your creativity and artistry with EFT was overflowing."


 As a participant, if you have an issue that you would like to work on and think you would feel comfortable working in front of the group, please send an email to:

Include your contact information and a brief description of our your issue. We will contact you personally to explore the possibilities. Please know you will be in a safe environment, so don't be shy!

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