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  • Sophia Cayer

Are You Ready For Success?

Updated: May 23, 2020

Ready to succeed with New Year resolutions?

Have you sworn off due to past disappointments?

Ready to feel inspired?

Maybe you have given up on New Year resolutions because you can’t seem to follow through. Or perhaps you have felt certain “This is the year!”, only to be disappointed later.

Personally I’ve been there, so I can truly say I have felt the pain of your disappointment and frustration. One day however, in the midst of a little soul searching, the reason for lack of success clearly presented itself.

During developmental years, a bothersome authority figure had a significant impact on me. Some of it was good, some not so good. They could be incredibly negative and had no problem being cruelly critical. This was something I had worked on extensively and was convinced the challenge was behind. However, it suddenly dawned on me that the closer I came to realizing a goal, a few of the old familiar negatives would start playing in my mind or a sense of defeat would creep in.

Grateful I figured out, I began to do an EFT rambling tap. Below I’ve shared the words I used, with the hope it will spark something for you and help you get started. You’ll quickly see it was definitely a rambling rant, that turned to gratitude, going with the flow as the words came to mind. Please excuse me if I got a little carried away, but it was worth it!

I chose to put it in writing to give it more power and sometime refer it. You might want to do the same, recording as you tap.

To begin, do a little soul searching and trust that the answer(s) will come to you. And if they don’t, don’t be discouraged, tap on your feelings about that or simply make it up! Trust your intuition!

Forget about typical tapping protocol, and tap in the way that feels right in the moment. You’ve got this!

Even though every time I feel I am rising higher, achieving my goals and

feeling good about me, that old undercurrent, those old feeling of

inadequacy, __________________’s voice goes off in my mind, I trust and believe in myself anyway.

Even though I am growing tired of feeling this way, every time I reach a

peak, sure I am on the way to the top, to truly achieving my goals, I love

and forgive myself. I know I am on the way to achieving my goals anyway!!!

Even though sometimes I can’t fight this feeling, I am feeling really great

and then the doubts creep in, I love and believe in myself anyway!

I know I am on the right track.

This feeling inside, trying to steal my dreams, these ____________ feelings inside

that continue to try and hold me back – I revoke those awful feelings, and

here and now believe in me.

I know I can do it. The past has held me hostage too long and I have grown

tired of it. I choose freedom because I know I have the ability to soar and

soar in this moment. The only thing holding me back are these old feelings.

The only thing holding me back are these limiting beliefs and I am releasing

them now.

In this moment I am transforming that energy of limiting beliefs into a trust

and belief in me! I know I can do whatever I desire, whatever I choose.

I know the ability is within and I choose to seize that power, transforming

those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that move me forward with

confidence, ease and grace. I am so happy that I am connecting with the

empowering energy within, that keeps me moving forward all the time. I

am so happy and grateful that I am recognizing the power I have always

held within, and beginning to feel comfortable there. I choose to embrace it

and empower myself through the power I have always held within. Letting

go of all my limitations and embracing the power within. It is mine, it is my

birthright and I have denied it too long. I am claiming and embracing it

now, knowing it has been mine all along. Letting go of all the doubts and

fears. Letting go of all the challenges that face me, know I have the ability

to transform that energy in this very moment to an empowering energy that

lifts me up and helps me create exactly what I desire.

I love and accept every part of in this moment, including the doubting part

that is reluctant to join me in moving forward.

I trust and believe in me no matter what. I choose to step into my power

and my magnificence now, no matter what. I choose to embrace it and let

go of all the fears and doubts planted in me by all my life experiences.

I am so happy and grateful that I had those experiences to make me

stronger and wiser. I am so happy and grateful that I learned who I truly

am as a result of those experiences. I am so happy and grateful that those

experiences allowed me the opportunity to connect with the wiser and

stronger part of me, who is equipped and ready to embrace the magnificent

me. To embrace and acknowledge my total magnificence – which never felt

safe before.

I am so happy and grateful that who I am is more than enough. I am so

happy and grateful that I am beginning to realize how wonderful I am and

can be. I am so happy and grateful that I know recognize that who I am is

more than good enough. I love and forgive myself for ever doubting any part of me.

I love and forgive myself for ever doubting that what I have to offer is more than just good enough.

Yes, there are still days when I feel discouraged or ask myself things like “What were you thinking?” or “This just isn’t going to work!”. But the good news is that those times are fewer and far between. It is a part of life we sometimes have to accept. And yes sometimes the answer is alter the course or review our expectations. If alterations to our plans are required, remember it usually means things will work out better and flow more easily than we might have imagined!

May this serve you well…

With gratitude,


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