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Natural Disasters - Tips & Scripts

Updated: May 23, 2020

The devastating emotional impact of ferocious storms, fires, floods and earthquakes can leave us in an indescribable state of despair.  

So where and how do we begin?

At times like these the idea of tapping may not seem appealing, even though we know it can help. So be gentle with yourself, and consider beginning with one of the two silent options suggested.  Going through the process with eyes closed should improve the calming effect.

Touch and Breathe:  Beginning with the Side of the Hand (SH), apply gentle pressure and slowly take a nice deep breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth.  Repeat the process at each point.  Repeat as many times as you like.  Remember, eyes closed.

Silent EFT:  Close your eyes and do your best to be in the present moment. Focus on the predominant discomfort, or just take a couple of nice deep breathes and begin to tap, starting with the SH, continuing through the sequence. Repeat as many times as you like.

And below are a few tapping scripts offered with the hope and desire to help whoever this reaches. Kindly share them with anyone you know or believe it might benefit.  Thank you!


SH – Side of Hand (aka KC-Karate Chop)

TH – Top of Head

EB – Eyebrow

SE – Side of Eye

UE – Under Eye

UN – Under Nose

CB – Collarbone

UA – Under Arm

IW – Inside Wrist

(Chart from EFT-Alive)

As always, please adjust/change wording to what best suits your thoughts and feelings.

Set Up:

SH: Even though words can’t express the way I feel, I’d like to find hope and peace within.

Sequence: (2 times)

TH: These overwhelming, indescribable feelings

EB: I have every right to feel this way

SE: But right now it is just too much

UE: This emotion turmoil and confusion

UN: I can’t imagine having hope

CH: And peace within seem impossible

CB: Somehow I’d like to trust

UA: That the Universe is working with me

IW: Helping to show the way.


Set Up:

SH: Even though I can’t imagine what will come next, and have no idea where to begin, I choose to trust and believe a sense of normalcy will return.

Sequence: (2 times)

TH: No idea where to begin

EB: Or what will come next

SE: Shaken and confused

UE: Unable to think clearly

UN: Feeling helpless and hopeless

UL: This deep sense of despair

CB: Too much to comprehend.

UA: But I would like to trust,

IW: That clarity is on its way


Set Up:

SH: Even though I am filled with fear, anxiety and stunned disbelief, I would like to trust I am strong enough to move forward.

Sequence: (2 times)

TH: These unimaginable circumstances

EB: This shock racing through body and mind

SE: That won’t let me think clearly

UE: How could this happen?

UN: Why now and why me?

UL: All this fear and anxiety

CB: How could I feel any other way?

UA: I am glad the wiser part of me,

IW: is helping me find strength and courage now.


Set Up:

SH: Even though I don’t feel I have the courage or strength move forward, as I acknowledge those feelings, I choose to have calm resolve flow through me.

Sequence: (2 times)

TH: Helpless and hopeless 

EB: Drained of courage and strength

SE: Too exhausted and distraught

UE: Nothing is the same

UN: Afraid to trust myself

UL: No direction and no idea where to begin

CB: This turmoil and emptiness inside

UA: Somehow I’d like to trust,

IW: that calm resolve will see me through

Again, thank you for sharing this.  May it bring you solace and peace.

Please do contact me if I may be of assistance.

Best wishes,


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