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  • Sophia Cayer

Self-Doubt Holding You Back?

Updated: May 22, 2021

Even when there’s a heartfelt desire to accomplish a goal, the struggle between head and heart can stand in the way.  Some where inside, consciously or unconsciously self-doubt can make best efforts feel like an uphill battle.

Fruitless or difficult efforts lead to frustration, disappointment and sometimes giving up. So what do you do? 

Start with taking a step back and a few deep breaths. Now give some thought to what may have created that self-doubt.

Frequently I hear “I have no idea!  It’s always been there!!”

Here are two great places to begin:

First tap to release the frustration and disappointment you are feeling in general.

Setup: (3X)

Even though I am frustrated and disappointed from doing the things that need to be done with little results, I choose trust and believe in my ability to accomplish this goal.

Sequence: (2X or more)

So frustrated!

Just don’t get it!

Starting to feel this is impossible.

Feel live giving up

Grateful that,

that wiser part of me

Is encouraging me

Guiding me now

Now discovering and resolving whatever created the self-doubt.

Setup: (3X)

Even though I don’t know exactly what created this self-doubt, I am ready for the answer and ready to resolve it now.

Sequence: (2X or more)


Don’t know why or how it began

Frustrated and disappointed

Because it stands in my way

But I am ready for the answer

Ready to resolve the issue now

Thanking every part of me

For revealing the answer

Helping me resolve it now

Whether you discover the cause of the self-doubt or not, know that what’s here can help relieve the frustrations and disappointments if you tap long enough. And believe it or not, you could well find doing this begins to clear some of the self-doubt.  It may not feel that way immediately after tapping, so keep in mind that EFT typically offers delayed subtle effects.  It may day more than a day or so, but you can begin to sense a difference.

If this doesn’t seem to be working for you,  most likely it is time to reach out to a seasoned practitioner to help you get to core issues, the heart of the matter. The most important thing is not to give up on yourself or your goals.  With proper guidance and EFT you have the ability to achieve your desires.

Why not call for a complimentary exploratory discussion today?

Wishing you the best in your endeavors,


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