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Subconscious Fears of Change

Updated: May 23, 2020

Resolving stubborn long standing issues


When dealing with long-standing trauma, chronic pain, phobias, anxieties or other issues, feelings and emotions can define who we are and become at least a part of our identity.

Should it really come as a surprise that our efforts are met with resistances from the non-rational subconscious mind? After all change is always scary, even when it is a heartfelt desire.

With longstanding issues, the discomfort becomes “the new norm”, “comfort” or “familiar zone”. The very idea of letting go of the issue means not only the possibility of an identity crisis, but can also have the non-rational subconscious coming up with plenty of disconcerting thoughts, whilst harboring fears about what change will bring. With all of this playing in the background, is it any wonder we find ourselves thinking the challenges are absolutely insurmountable?

When we find ourselves frustrated, asking “Why can’t I get over this_____?”, it is time to dig deeper. Begin with the assurance that even when what we need to work through lies “hidden” in the subconscious, it can be accessed. It is all in the detective work and approach.

Before addressing the subconscious issues directly, pay particular attention to any tailenders. Whether mumbled, said in jest, or trailing thoughts that come during or immediately following a round of tapping, they always offer valuable insights. Be open to the possibility it may the subconscious seizing the chance to be heard!

In an effort to protect, the subconscious generates resistances to letting go, convinced if the issue is resolved the result could be more daunting issues you wouldn’t know how to cope with.

It could be thinking: “It is not safe to be too happy, I could get blindsided.”

“Who will I be without this?”

“ This change could be way too scary.”

“People won’t care about me, offer sympathy, compassion or attention.”

“ What else is going to change?”

“I’ll lose my excuses for things not working.”

“My defense system will be compromised.”

“ At least I am “comfortable” and know how to navigate with the things are


Which ones resonate? What clues appeared in tailenders? If nothing seems to fit or feel right, it is time to trust intuition or guess.

Work through each piece with EFT being sure to take note of anything new that might show up. Address the subconscious directly. Be sure to express gratitude as you tap for all its efforts to protect and keep you safe, assuring every part of you that now is the time to trust it is ok to initiate change, victoriously achieving the changes you desire.

Patience and persistence, keeping in mind that subconscious “habits” may require repetition. Determining whether the subconscious issues have been resolved may require time. Take note of the differences in how you now react and respond when addressing the longstanding issues. These things can sometimes be stubborn. Again, patience and persistence, remembering it is process and not a race.

Wishing you the best in all your endeavors. Please let me know if you have questions or if we may be of assistance.

Happy Tapping!


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