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  • Sophia Cayer

Why Can’t I Get Over This?!?!

Updated: May 23, 2020

Blocks and Resistances

The resistances and/or blocks that impede progress are no laughing matter. It took time to gather the courage to face the issue(s) head on, or perhaps (like many) EFT represents the last-ditch effort. We give it our best, but discouragement and frustrations overtake us and we give up, convinced a positive outcome is impossible. While understandable, take heart and be open to the possibility that success can happen anyway.

There are a multitude of reasons resistances and/or blocks may seem insurmountable. Many times the reasons aren’t apparent. Other times self-blame or blaming the process takes place - unaware the resistance(s) or block(s) are the culprits. We lose sight of the fact that our subconscious mind is running the show, convinced it is doing what’s in our best interest, based on the way it has interpreted the information received. The good news is that when the proper work is done with the subconscious, this too can change. “Our subconscious mind is our good and faithful servant.”, as Dr. Larry Nimms says.

Where do we begin? In these situations, many overlook the need to first address where they find themselves in the moment. This means tapping our way through the belief or feeling that the issue(s) can’t be overcome, as well as the way that makes you feel. The accompanying discouragement, sadness, angers, and so forth, will definitely slow momentum and may well be contributing to the current lack of headway.

Some are so anxious to tackle “the real issue”, they don’t feel the need or grasp the value and want to skip those steps. Please do it anyway. When we go into resolving an issue believing or feeling it can’t be resolved, defeated before we begin, you will find yourself to be absolutely right!

Is there someone you’d like to tell: “I told you so!”? Might it be yourself, or someone significant in your life? If those comments seem perplexing, remember your subconscious mind may be where those things reside. Somewhere within, some part of you fears the change, certain that the way things are keeps you safe or serves valuable purpose. When that is the case, why would that part of you be willing to change, even though consciously you are certain you are more than ready? These are the things to be explored and gently worked through.

Work through the beliefs and feelings about your inability to resolve the issue(s), knowing that at the same time it begins the needed process with the subconscious mind. When you are satisfied they’ve have been cleared, it is time to work more directly with the subconscious.

As you tap, a major key to success with your subconscious, (and always no matter what you are working on), is to frequently express gratitude to every part of you for everything it does on your behalf. Thank every part of you for working with you to achieve your goals. Remind every part of you that while you are grateful for being kept safe, that things are different now. That was then and this is now. It is okay to see things differently now.

Listen carefully as you work, open to receiving, trusting that your subconscious and your intuition will provide the clues and information you need achieve your goal. Ask for the “who” or “what” that may stand in the way to be revealed.

Trust yourself, your intuition and your subconscious mind. What’s that you are saying? Having difficulty doing that? Tap, tap, tap…and trust the answers will come. Difficulty with doing that? Okay, I think you know the answer…

We’d all like a quick fix. And even though EFT works rapidly, we are complex creatures and it is impossible to know how deep the water is until we dive. See yourself and your objectives as more than worth the patience and persistence that may be required.

Always week the assistance of a seasoned, well trained EFT professional before giving up.

Be kind and gentle with yourself always.


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