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Insurmountable Anxiety

Updated: May 23, 2020

Persistent anxiety can certainly feel insurmountable, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are saying “Walk a mile in my shoes”, your feelings are genuinely respected. But take heart in knowing there is always a way.

While each situation is unique, if you are at wit’s end there are several avenues to explore. All of them won’t be mentioned here, but hopefully it will be a good beginning for many.

EFT tapping tips are below to help you get started.

In working with people to free themselves, something frequently encountered is the constant anticipation or thoughts patterns that “It’s only going to get worse”, “How bad will it be today?”, and so on. Thinking and feeling this way is very understandable but without a doubt, you may as well be sending an invitation for symptoms to return or intensify.

Even if you have a difficult time accepting the concept, body and mind (especially subconscious) are absorbing the energy of those thoughts and the anticipation. Since your subconscious mind takes it all in as instruction or direction, a natural response is for anxiety to stay with you. It also sends signals to the “alarm system” in the brain.

Another common issue is the inability to imagine or recall what it feels like to be calm and relaxed. When we can’t find ourselves there, how could we possibly overcome it?

For some, what I refer to as that “protector part” part of us, is not about to give up, convinced it serves a purpose. If it prevents us from interacting with others or minimizes getting too close to anyone, then it is keeping us safe. Right? Or so it thinks! Obviously not taking into consideration the misery inflicted.

To successfully have persistent anxiety become a memory, not only is it necessary to tap our way through those sorts of issues, it is imperative to get to the core issues and be sure to clear all the contributing factors.

This requires patient persistence. But we are all worth it right? If there was a nano-second of hesitation with that question, guess what? Congratulations! You’ve just discovered an important issue to tap your way through. Which brings me to my last point.

The way we see and feel about ourselves always counts. Persistent anxiety can take a toll in many ways, so be being kind and gentle with oneself, beginning to rebuild our self-image is important to the process. And – as we are working our way through the other pieces of the puzzle, this is something that usually begins to take place on its own.

While there are suggestions below that you’ll find useful, persistent anxiety can be quite complex. This is a situation where you are best served working with a professional. In your best interest, for the greatest success, I would encourage you to work with a seasoned EFT professional!

Below are a few suggestions for the set-ups and sequences. Nothing is ever cast in stone, so go with what resonates for you. Change the words to what best suits your feelings. Get creative and trust that with clear intention you can make progress.

Negative thoughts/Anticipation:

KC or SS:

Even though the anticipation and negative thoughts never seem to stop, I choose to believe that I can think and feel differently now.

TH: Can’t help myself

EB: These thoughts are so stubborn!

OE: SO tired of this anticipation

UE: It makes me so _______! (angry, sad or….)

UN: All this anticipation

CH: These endless negative thoughts

CB: All this fear

UA: I choose to be kind and gentle with myself

TH: It’s too much

EB: It is exhausting!

OE: I’ve had enough

UE: All this fear and anticipation

UN: These negative thoughts

CH: They just don’t stop

CB: It feels hopeless!

UA: But I choose to trust it is changing now


KC or SS:

Even though my subconscious mind may believe I’m looking for more of the same, I am thanking my subconscious mind for working with now to let go of the anticipation and create positive thoughts.

TH: Letting go of the anticipation

EB: Letting go of the fears

OE: Opening my mind to positive thoughts

UE: Thanking my subconscious

UN: For working with me now

CB: Open to positive thought

UA: Ready to feeling more at ease

Even if you tap without words, focusing on what you feeling – and where you sense tension, you will gradually begin to feel it fade. Just keep tapping or try the touch and breathe technique. If it doesn’t, again with a little patient persistence, it will begin to fade. If it still doesn’t, it is time to seek some assistance from a professional. You can do this!

More on anxiety in the near future…

Between now and then, feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.



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